Hello and welcome to view context a podcast about data modeling for Apple platforms. In this first episode just a few weeks before WWDC I want to discuss a few resources available that can help you get caught up on SwiftData. So lets get started.

The most accessible resource I have found on SwiftData is Paul Hudson’s book SwiftData by Example. The book starts off with a complete project to get you a practical introduction to the framework. The book then takes a deeper dive into each component of the framework such as Persistent Models, Model Containers and Contexts, iCloud synchronization, and migrations. The book also goes over app architectures that work well with SwiftData.

Next, I would like to bring your attention to Mohammad Azam’s Udemy course on SwiftData. The video course goes over many of the same concepts in Paul Hudson’s book, but also gives some examples of how to implement unit tests when using SwiftData.

Lastly, because SwiftData was released last year I wanted to mention a few WWDC sessions that are very informative. The Meet SwiftData session is beginner friendly while more experienced developers can jump straight into the session titled migrating to SwiftData. There were a total of 5 sessions primarily focused on SwiftData all of which is freely available in video format with transcriptions.

That’s all for this week. If you happen to find any of these resources useful leave a rating or review on your podcast app of choice.

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