• Do I lean into the world of the web or continue my Apple platforms journey?

    My goal is to be a software engineer professionally but I am starting to feel as though the web is the starting point for most careers in this field.

    Ideally I would be in a role building a product. I have enjoyed spending the time to learn Swift but almost all jobs I see require experience with web technologies.

  • Getting Familiar With SwiftData

    Resources on SwiftData:

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  • I just responded to my first app related support email. It’s rewarding to see people use something I made even if there is plenty of of room for improvement.

  • Spent the day learning about programming WatchOS complications. Looking forward to applying the same techniques to iOS widgets!

  • I decided to move over from Mastodon to Micro.blog. Micro.blog lets me have a singular identity on the web and gives me more flexibility in sharing updates (RSS/JSON feeds, a podcast, newsletter, and through ActivityPub). Mastodon/Fediverse users can follow my blog at @humza@humza.blog